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Executive Trustee Message | Bharathi College

Executive Trustee Message



Executive Trustee Message



 B.E., MBA


        Since its inception, BET has come a long way as a credible torchbearer of educational movement in the rural and educational backward region. BET has made significant contribution in the history of 54 years of its educational service in providing primary, secondary & higher education to socially, economically and educationally backward masses, under the stewardship of our president Dr.G.Madegowda.

           At Bharathi College, the academic fraternity is an active community of professional who pursue knowledge into field of Science, Arts, and Commerce & Management. They are enthusiastic, Innovative creative & dynamic. We invest in the younger generations to promote the passion of knowledge & skill as well as the seeds of research & its development. Our college is a cynosure of all eyes in the region with well equipped, furnished infrastructure facilities with a vast knowledge resources centre. It would rather act as a catalyst for the upliftment of socially backward community. We have taken up this lofty task with a sense of dedication today Bharathi college claims to be a branded education centre for higher education with eight PG Courses.

        The Bharathi college is supposed to be an oasis in the educationally backward rural region. In spite of financial constraints, we are stepping towards progress. The college always motivates teachers & students to achieve their goals with a purity of heart sincere efforts, deductions & commitment to work. I am greatful to all stakeholders who directly or indirectly supporting for the rapid progress of our college.

         I here by take this freedom to convey my best regards to all our students.