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National Service Scheme (NSS)

NSS was started with a tag line of “NOT FOR ME, TO YOU” (kannada: Nanagala, ninage), which is promoted objectives of century birth celebration of Mahatma Gandhi to develop community services in the year of 1969 in all over the India. So, in our college we started in year 1972 with one unit of NSS but now it has extended its scope to 3 units with 300 students. Our each student was activity participating 120 hours in community services which are discussed below. We serve every Saturday 2 PM to 5 PM in and around of our college campus and our unit annually participating Special Village Camp for 7 days with in the Maddur taluk remote villages.

Best practices of NSS in our College
  1. Awareness programme on literacy.
  2. Cleanliness of Campus & village’s.
  3. Health issues
  4. Child and Women Health.
  5. Building leadership qualities.
  6. Anti Dowry System
  7. Anti Terrorism.
  8. Legal Awareness
  9. Construction of toilets & its importance.
  10. Rain Water Harvesting & management.
  11. Protection of Historical Monuments
  12. Bio Gas
  13. Swaccha Bharath Abiyana
NSS best programme officer awards
sl. Year Name of the Officer Award Received
1 1994-95 Dr. Shivalingegowda State Award
2 1999-00 Sri. S. Revanna State Award
3 2006-07 Sri.C. Neelakantegowda University Award
4 2010-11 Dr. .M. Ramakrishna University Award
Awards and Recognitions received by students
sl. Year Name of the Student Award Received
1 2011-12 Bhanupriya Best NSS University Awardee
2 2012-13 Puttaswamy Best NSS University Awardee
3 2012-13 Shruthi .M.P Best NSS Ooka-Subbarayachar University Awardee
4 2014-15 Manjeshgowda .D.B Best NSS University Awardee
Volunteers participated in state Republic day parade
sl. Year Name of the Student Place Date
1 2013 Shruthi Maniksha Parade Ground, Bangalore 14-01-2013 To 27-01-2013
2 2014 Santosh Kumar .S Maniksha Parade Ground, Bangalore 15-01-2014 To 27-01-2014
3 2015 Manjesh Gowda Maniksha Parade Ground, Bangalore 14-01-2015 To 27-01-2015
NSS Volunteers from 2010-2016
Year Boys Girls Total
2010-11 126 107 233
2011-12 115 111 226
2012-13 118 86 204
2013-14 129 119 248
2014-15 160 152 312
2015-16 170 150 320
Programme Officers


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  Asst Professor, HOD
  M.A.,M.Ed, M.Phill, K-SET(Sociology)
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Bharathi K

  Assistant professor
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