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Professional Counseling:

The Professional Counseling identifies the student’s potentiality and chooses the proper field of employment suitable for him. The Placement cell provides access to job openings and employment journals for student information. Prominent companies are invited for campus interview and selection. Since B.Com and Management are professional courses students of these courses get wider opportunity for job openings through the endeavour of the Placement Cell.

Counseling Cell:

The Counseling cell of the college takes care of student personal problems related to stress, anxiety, examination phobia, peer pressure and adjustment to changed environment. The students can individually approach the counseling officer, express their difficulties and seek solutions/solace.

Placement Cell :

The Placement Cell is an indispensable part of the college with numerous activities which care for career development and placement programmes. Two members of our faculty have received training from Infosys to work as Placement Officers in the college. They are specialized in training the students for B.P.O and call center jobs. The Placement Cell rigorously explores the opportunities for the job seekers and provides the required skills and training in that direction.

The Placement Cell takes initiatives to invite Corporate Sectors and M.N.Cs to conduct recruitment fairs on campus. The Placement Cell collects information about off the campus selections and seeks recruitment for our students by directing them to take part in the recruitment drive.

Companies and Corporate houses that visited the campus:
  • Wipro.
  • IAME (International Academy of Management and Entrepreneurship).
  • Infosys B.P.O
  • Jetking- Training center.
  • Eureka Forbes Pvt. Ltd.
  • Ola- cabs
  • Srishti Learning and Development Center.
  • Axis Bank

Number of student benefited = 1200.

Mentoring :

The college has a well set mentoring system under which the students are most benefitted. Each member of the faculty takes up the role of a mentor to attend and solve specific problems of the 20 to 50 students assigned to him. He keeps watch over the academic activities, student’s special attitude and keeps in touch with parents to monitor the pupils’ progress.

Grievance Redressal Cell :

There is a Grievance Redressal Cell to attend to the students’ complaints regarding academic matters, hostel accommodation, health services, library, transportation and other services. The committee encourages the students to frankly air their grievances and seek redressal for the basic problems and other amenities available in the college so as to promote a healthy relationship between students and teachers.

There is a complaint box installed for the purpose where the students may drop their complaints without revealing their identity apart from directly lodging the complaint with the Grievance Redressal Officer. In the last few years more than 200 grievances regarding the hostel mess, bus facility, discrepancy in valuation and attendance shortage have been dealt effectively by the cell.

Number of student benefited = 200.

Special Committees:
  • Attendance Appellate Committee
  • Student Advisory Committee
  • Staff Grievance Redressal Cell
  • Admission Committee